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  About The School  

The History of North Lake Elementary

     North Lake Elementary School opened for the first time in the fall of 1991.   George Butler was appointed the principal in 1991, and continues to serve in the position as building principal.

     Rising out of a cow pasture and cotton field (in earlier times), North Lake is a tribute to design and planning. The school is located on 45-acres of land and designed for an estimated 350 – 390 Pre K – Fifth Grade elementary students. Adequate land/space is available for additional classrooms, when the population need arises. North Lake School is virtually identical to Moore Elementary located in Franklin, Tennessee, although North Lake is a little smaller.

     There are 18 general education classes, two of each in Pre K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th grades, and three 3rd grade classrooms. Specialty classes include Physical Education, Library, Art, Music, and Guidance. Special needs classes include an Intervention class (formerly Special Education), Speech and Language class.

     In May, 2001, the student enrollment was 348. The student population receiving Special Education services was 21.2% (74 students). Less than 1/3 of the student population received free or reduced priced lunches during the past four years. In 2000-01, 25.3% of the students received free priced lunches, while 6% received reduced priced lunches.

     In its first year (1991-92), over 325 students registered for attendance at North Lake, exceeding attendance projections by more than 100 children and raising the prospects of future overcrowding within the next “five to six” years. In response to the overcrowding, 6 additional rooms were added/completed in 1997.

     The school was build primarily to minimize the larger student population in northern Franklin County, especially at a neighboring school 4 – 5 miles away. A few miles from Rock Creek School and eleven (11) miles north of Winchester, and the Board of Education office, North Lake is closer to home for families living in the northern part of Franklin County north and east and west of Highway 130. Bus transportation is responsible for transporting the bus student population within an average six miles radius for the past 23- years.   Presently, 4 buses serve North Lake School.

     In the twenty-three year history of the school, North Lake has had many good things said about it. The school is known primarily for its academic success, caring and safe atmosphere, teamwork, and professional management, organization and appropriate instruction.

     The county’s newest elementary school is energy-efficient, color-coordinated internally and externally in concrete, brick, glass and walls. When students arrive for school and their classes, they find a school with particular amenities: comfortable, self contained classrooms with doors and windows, computer lab, computer-linked classrooms, cooling and heating systems in each room, two-way communication directly to the office, classroom water/sink work area, ceiling lights suitable for proper lighting, air-flow throughout the building. Most importantly, students will find something most schools in the area sorely lack: extra space. The features of North Lake hold students’ attention and create an interest in the school environment.

     Other amenities include a colorful cafeteria and fits up to 150-175 students with a stage, staff dining room. The food service program allows for students to receive nutritious meals daily. There is an attractive library and work area adjoined to the Administrative office and staff work areas. The Computer Lab is located across the hall from the library.

     Also, traditional blackboards and chalk have been scrapped for glossy white boards and markers to eliminate chalk dust. Every classroom, hall and office has been strategically laid out for optimum use and security. The school is designed to cut down on foot traffic, especially in the Pre-K, kindergarten and first grade classrooms.

     The building was designed with safety in mind. Classroom doors have windows so the rooms inside can be seen from the halls. Halls are sufficiently wide, well-lighted and straight so they can be properly monitored. The building is sectioned off into two main instructional and administrative units: K – 3 wing, 4 – 6 wing, administration offices, and Gym/Cafeteria wing. Public access into the building is through the school’s main front lobby.

     North Lake serves as a constructive stepping-stone for students progressing through elementary to the Middle School programs. The school’s current team of teachers and diligent support staff are dedicated to continuing the North Lake tradition and providing students a clean, safe, and professional learning environment.

     North Lake School has a strong academic program with numerous teaching strategies, which are executed by a highly effective faculty and support staff. Cooperative learning, large/small group instruction, one-on-one instruction, peer-tutoring, learning centers, and technology-based instruction are among the strategies utilized.

     TCAP/Terra Nova test scores of our schoolchildren rank North Lake School near the top among schools in the area. The faculty, support staff, and administration are consistently focused upon bringing about dramatic increases in student performance. North Lake School has received state recognition for academic performance, receiving the State’s Reward School Award in 2012 from the Department of Education.

     An annual Science Fair includes participation among the majority of students. There is also an Awards Program held at the end of each school year. This program honors students’ success throughout the school year in all subject areas, included but not limited to; extra-curricular classes, science fair excellence, most improved student, math awards, perfect attendance, and academic honors.

     North Lake School became the first school in the district to offer the Extended School Program (ESP). As a result of this pioneering effort, there are now additional ESPs operating successfully in the district. Additional programs offered to students include the following: 4-H Club, Chamber of Commerce Earth-wise program, Farm City Day, Elementary basketball, and PTO parent and community assistance. Each of these programs adds enrichment to the total academic program offered at the school. They enhance the students’ abilities to become successful, productive citizens.